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What Not to Expect This Moksha!


Moksha : freedom from the differentiated, temporal, and mortal world of ordinary experience.

Is NSIT going to provide us hapless engineers with a

fest that grants us freedom from the differentiated, temporal, and mortal world of ordinary experience? Well, we don’t know that. Yet.

On the contrary, we’ve got a few checkmarks to tick off of what Moksha is going to abstain from doing this year:

  1. No rain : The great American author Henry Beston, very rightly pointed out that “the three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach”. However, the sound of rain wouldn’t be much too great when heard falling over crushed aspirations of the audience for a successful concert (read crossroads).
    So at NSIT’s Moksha, be it Edward Maya or any of the other stellar performances, rains should not, nay, will not, be a deterrent.
    Oh and we can also throw in the great elemental sound of wind in a primeval wood, considering the dense forage that the campus encompasses.
  2. No dearth of engaging events : Contrary to the trend which has become the norm, NSIT’s Moksha is not going to be about only one leading act. The fest has a line – up of brilliantly engaging activities and events (which do NOT include ‘shave the balloon’ or anything equivalent in mediocrity). So from the MasterChef competition, to the Terribly tiny tales tie-up event to the Oorja, Mudra and the other dance competitions, Moksha seems to be a breath of fresh air.
  3. No passes : Online passes for those who have registered. Need we say more?
    Plus, we’ve got free soft drinks for everyone on entry. Moksha ’15 certainly seems to be heading on the right track to achieving salvation. See you there!



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