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A year ago, a group of NSITians brought laurels to the college having bagged two awards at the prestigious Harvard National Model United Nations. The experience was so amazing that it led a couple of students to conceive the idea of holding a similar competition at NSIT as well. And slowly the idea was passed on to more people and shared with ignited minds who hoped to turn it into a reality.
A plethora of disappointments, refusals, meetings, selections, and discussions later, the ignited minds behind the idea- Aastha Chhabra and Bhaswat Aggarwal (the Director General and the Deputy Secretary General respectively) and some vivacious orators of NSIT formed a team of 28 members that gave us NSIT MUN 2012. It was an event that saw 120 participants marching in with confidence and panache in their formal ensemble with great personalities like Dr. Isher Judge Ahluwalia. It was an event which spoke of professionalism and witnessed vehement debating in the two day session which was held from 31st March to 1st April 2012.
The event opened up with the inauguration ceremony held in the college auditorium wherein the Secretary General, Kunal Ahuja, declared the session open. The next two days witnessed the three committees- The Security Council, The Futuristic General Assembly and The League of Arab States delve into vigorous discussions on their respective agendas. However, the sessions would have gone mundane and lackluster without the presence of the International Press which peppered the serious sessions with the ‘paparazzi effect’ tickling everyone’s funny bone.
In the secretary general’s opinion, the organizing committee was determined and worked hard by slogging for hours, pleading, begging and praying to various authorities for different requirements. They finally pulled off an event that not only ran very smoothly but also received accolades and kudos from various attendees of the event. The teacher in charge, Dr. Tanushree Chaudhary had helped them in this endeavor and our very own MIC MAC canteen catered to the food requirements.
The final day saw the contented winners taking away their cash prizes worth Rs. 3000 and other cheerful delegates taking away unforgettable memories and learning experiences. Not only this, each and every delegate was made to feel special as the organising committee decided to take an individual photograph of every person that came to attend the session, whether it be the international press, the delegates or the conference staff. The OC was of the opinion that the photographs were a token of gratitude to all those who contributed to make NSIT MUN a grand success.
Towards the end, the organising committee stood with heads held high and was proud that the event went off exceptionally well. In Kunal’s words, “it was one thing that connected us all. It had a personal touch to it. And looking back, we think that after the hurdles we had to face, pulling it off without any obstacle was an achievement in itself”.



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