The Alliance brings to you our conversations with diverse personalities because we believe that the best story-tellers are the protagonists themselves.

The faculty at NSIT is one of the most reputed in the country. The Alliance gives you a peek into the brilliant minds of these faculty members through one-on-one interviews with them brought to you as 'Professor Profile'.

NSIT is an institution renowned for its success stories. We bring to you many such stories as our alumni climb the ladder to success each day in the world of commerce.

We always admire the ones who took the path less treaded upon. The Alliance brings to you stories of such off-beat individuals who chose to stand apart in the crowd and worked to establish themselves in fields that were known as not being an engineer's cup of tea.

Life is amorphous and as we students persevere in pushing the envelope in any field we pursue, we are on the oft-talked about "path of success". In this section, find out the men and women behind some of NSIT's best success stories.