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CSI’s Techelon ’12

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CSI organized its first tech-fest in NSIT from 7th to 15th April this year. Though mainly online, its events were very popular, especially amongst the first years. It was carried out on a small scale, but executed really well. If the society manages to scale up the event next year, it would definitely be a hit among the crowd.
There were a very limited number of events, and except for the IT Quiz, all were online. The IT Quiz became a big attraction, with even school teams joining in. And guess what, they turned out to be smarter as the New Era Public School walked away with the first prize while DPS-Dwarka stood third. The second prize was bagged by NSITians.The online events also did notably well. Mathwrath- an online competition lived upto the expectations of the budding mathematicians in NSIT, however, the minute bugs in its interface would definitely have irritated the software geeks. Nevertheless, around 200 people participated in the competition.Blogizmo- the blog writing competition testified the presence of eager writers waiting for their chance in NSIT. A very interesting event was Soundscape- the online sound mixing competition. It provided a unique platform for audio editing and mixing, promising incredibly amazing tracks. On similar lines was the image processing/editing competition of Techelon, Picmorph. The participants were required to create brilliant masterpiece from an ordinary photograph. Also, for the first time in NSIT, we had Online Counter Strike competition and that too free of cost.Inquisitor, the online treasure hunt saw a participation of around 250 and was a huge hit online.
The fest organizers promised to reward their winners with speakers, pen drives and other gizmos and had even uploaded the photographs of prizes as testimony. Overall, it was a really great attempt by the CSI society.



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